Production Credits

Great cheers and thanks to the amazing production teams that worked on both The Computers documentary and the ENIAC Programmers Oral Histories!


The Computers Documentary


Produced and Written by:

Jon Palfreman
Kathy Kleiman

Produced by:

Kate McMahon


Mark Rublee


Julia Flucht


John E. Low

Archival Researcher:

Diana Donnelly

Vintage Props:

Mary Bray

Motion Graphics:

Laurie Larr
Joëlle Rublee

Fiscal Sponsor:

Docs In Progress, Silver Spring, MD

Archival Footage and Photos:

The National Archives
U.S. Army Ordnance Museum
University of Pennsylvania Archives
John W. Mauchly Papers
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and
Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
ITN Source
Jean Jennings Bartik Computer Museum at
Northwest Missouri State University
The Computer History Museum
Shawn Clark
U.S. Army
The Bartik Family
The Holberton Family
The Mauchly Family
The Meltzer Family
The Spence Family
Stephen M. Falk

Advisory Board:

Dr. Tracy Camp
Dr. Paul Ceruzzi
Dr. Telle Whitney


ENIAC Programmers Oral Histories (1997)


Produced and Directed:

David Roland

Historian and Interviewer:

Kathy Kleiman


Sheila Smith

Sound Engineer:

Mary Keigler

Fiscal Sponsor:

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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