Happy Almost-75th ENIAC!!

It’s hard to believe that nearly 75 years have passed since the first public demonstration of ENIAC!  On February 15th, this Monday, we’ll celebrate ENIAC’s Anniversary with a series of panels and discussions.  Please join us!

All events are posted on

My favorite events start at 3:30pm. For months, ENIAC Programmers Project has been working with the Compuseum and UNISYS Corporation (heir to the great legacy of ENIAC and UNIVAC) on events starting Monday, February 15 at 3:30PM Eastern.  It’s a 2 hour broadcast highlighting ENIAC’s stories and those of the people who created it.

Watch for the panel ENIAC Programmers: Past, Present and FutureI’m joined by Megan Smith (our first US female CTO (!), now CEO of Shift7) and Brian Stuart (Professor Computer Science of Drexel U). Our discussion is fun and far-ranging – discussing many women in science and tech, in addition to the incredible ENIAC 6!

Just the birthday party for ENIAC – our first modern computer and trunk of the modern computing tree!  Tx tx to the incredible team of young men and women who created and programmed it (and those who now remember and celebrate it!!).

Tx to the incredible team assembled in 2021 from UNISYS, Compuseum, ENIAC Programmers Project, Venture Cafe in Philadelphia, and family of the ENIAC Pioneers who are working so hard to tell this story!

Two-days and counting!

Kathy Kleiman

(Founder, ENIAC Programmers Project)


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