Recognition & Awards

The ENIAC Programmers Project Strives for Recognition of the ENIAC Programmers and Their Pioneering Achievements

Heroines in Technology Lifetime Achievement Award, Women in Technology and the March of Dimes, 2009

On November 13, Fairfax, VA, the March of Dimes and Women in Technology presented the 2009 Heroines in Technology Lifetime Achievement Award to an astonished Kathy Kleiman, ENIAC Programmers Project founder. Citing her years of work seeking recognition for the ENIAC Women and documenting their story, women technology leaders selected Ms. Kleiman from 16 finalists, all women technology leaders dedicated to community service. She is the youngest person to receive this award.

IEEE Computer Society, Computer Pioneer Award, 2009

On June 4, 2009, the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors warmly welcomed ENIAC Pioneer Jean Bartik in Savannah, GA. They awarded her the prestigious Computer Pioneer Award for pioneering work as one of the first programmers, including co-leading the first teams of ENIAC programmers, and pioneering work on BINAC and UNIVAC I. Ms. Bartik's speech received a standing ovation. EPP Founder Kathy Kleiman, who nominated Ms. Bartik for this award, joined her on the trip.

Computer History Museum Fellows Award, 2008

The Computer History Museum awarded ENIAC Programmer Jean Bartik its 2008 Fellows Award, a lifetime achievement award. The ENIAC Programmers Project was honored to nominate her and to be recognized by CHM for our contributions to computing history.

An Evening with Jean Bartik, 2008 Fellows Award Recipient, 2008

On October 22, 2008, ENIAC pioneer Jean Bartik spoke before a crowd of over 400 — young and old, women and men — to share her recollections of work in computing over 60 years. The Museum aired the ENIAC Programmers Project's documentary preview The Computers to great acclaim and recognized its producer and EPP Founder Kathy Kleiman for her contributions to computing history and bringing the ENIAC Programmers story to light.

WITI Hall of Fame, 1997

Women in Technology International inducted all of the ENIAC Programmers into its Hall of Fame in 1997. ENIAC Programmers Betty Holberton, Kay Mauchly Antonelli, Jean Bartik and Marlyn Wescoff were present, with Adolph Teitelman accepted in memory of his wife ENIAC Programmer Ruth Teitelbaum. Kathy Kleiman wrote the speech for the moving induction ceremony.

IEEE Computer Pioneer Award, 1997

ENIAC Programmer Betty Holberton received this award for her developing the sort-merge generator which IEEE told its members "inspired the first ideas about compilation."

Augusta Ada Lovelace Award, 1997

The Association of Women in Computing presented Betty Holberton with its highest award in 1997.

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